Instapaper 6.1

Save articles to read later on your iPhone or iPad

Instapaper is a tool that saves the text from websites so you can read it offline later. View full description


Instapaper is a tool that saves the text from websites so you can read it offline later.

The main reason people use Instapaper is to save longer articles they discover, for reading at a more convenient time. For example, I use it to save articles I stumble upon while at work, so that I can read them on my way home.

It's easy to send articles to your Instapaper account and they'll appear on your iPhone or iPad almost immediately, as long as you're connected to the internet. Instapaper strips out ads and other formatting on the source webpage, leaving you with the raw text and images - and often improving the overall reading experience. This does mean, however, that rich media like video is removed from articles.

Instapaper includes the usual options you'd expect in a mobile reader app: text size controls, inverted display, font, etc. It includes browsable sections for your saved articles and articles saved by friends. This option syncs with your contacts or your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Also included in Instapaper for iOS is The Feature, a set of articles recommended by the Instapaper dev team.

The overall Instapaper experience is a great way to save articles when you're in a rush, and enjoy reading them later on. In my book, it's a must-have.


  • Added Netbot and Notesy to Share panel.
  • Fixed "white-screen" bug.
  • Fixed Contacts access in Find Friends under iOS 6.
  • Fixed 1-pixel misalignment of filled circles in the page indicator.
  • Upgraded the Open-Dyslexic font to Dyslexie, a prior typeface by Christian Boer of StudioStudio better optimized for dyslexia.


Instapaper 6.1

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